Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tom Allon


Earth To Allon Obesity and Diabetes is the Number 1 Heath Problem of Minority New Yorkers
Tom Allon, a Republican hopeful who is rarely invited to appear alongside his better-known Democratic rivals, criticized the health department for “chasing after people who are drinking 32-ounce soft drinks” instead of looking at health problems related to the hurricane. 



Long-shot mayoral candidate (Manhattan Media executive) Tom Allon aims to resurrect the moribund Liberal Party in advance of the 2013 race

Long-Shot Bid Boosted by Liberals(WSJ)  The party plans on Tuesday to select the Manhattan media executive, Tom Allon, as its 2013 New York City mayoral candidate. Both Mr. Allon and party leaders said they want to resurrect the Liberal Party as a political force after a series of setbacks, including former party leader Raymond Harding's 2009 guilty plea in a pay-to-play scheme involving the state's pension fund.



Mayoral candidate Tom Allon writes in the Post that responsibility for Larry Seabrook’s misuse of member item funds lies with Speaker Christine Quinn, and requires an overhaul of the whole process (Link Below)

Letting scandal fester Quinn’s member-item follies by mayoral candidate Tom Allon (NYP Op Ed) * Council Speaker Christine Quinn should be held accountable; it's high time Mayor Bloomberg and the voters held her feet to the fire for the mismanagement of taxpayer dollars during the last decade. * Quinn Attacked Over Council's Discretionary Funds(NYT)




Unfamiliar Candidate for Mayor Strikes First in TV Ad Battle(NYT) *NY1 Online: Tom Allon Releases First Campaign Ad For 2013 Mayor’s Race * Tom Allon says that his first ad is not a shot across the bow at any particular opponent, despite taking on the slush fund scandal and campaign finance irregularities (scandals associated with Christine Quinn and John Liu, respectively.)



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