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GOP and Minor Parties


James Molinaro endorses Chris Quinn for mayor in latest setback for GOP(NYP)

Quinn and Oddo Worked Together Before
Go back 10 years to 2003: GOP had a majority on the council redistricting commission for the first time in nearly a century. Oddo casts tie-breaking vote to pass the Dem plan, which cut Russian population in Brighton Beach into two distrists.

NYC Political Parties vs the 
14th Amendment

A gang of five, four or three who run the Republican, Working Families, Independent and Liberal Parties will have the same power as the 3,154,426 voters who belong to the democratic Party.  This year It is very possible that every party in city will have their own candidate for mayor. If one of the candidates from a party other then the democrats who hold real primaries wins who will they own their election to, the voters or the gang of 5 who gave them their party line?

Controlling Minor Parties in NYC Eliminates the Need to Stuff the Ballot Boxes Like Tammany Hall Did
Ray Harding and Fred Newman knew the answer to that question. If the cult leaders who late anti-Semite Fred Newman put together, including Lenora Fulani give a Wilson-Pakula authorization to Adolfo Carrion to run on the Independence Party line and he managers to win the mayors race in a 5 or 6 way race he will owe the cults as much as Bloomberg who paid them million of dollars for providing him with the winning margins in his 2001 and 2009 race. It is clear that the 5 voters of the Independent Party leaders equalling the votes of 3 million democrats is a violation of the 14th Amendment clause.   

Soviet Elections Also Violated the 14th Amendment
The same election debt could be owed to the Dan Canter gang at the Working Families Party if that party give de Blasio permission to run on their line and he will the mayor's race running on their line only. It is against the 14th Amendment to give Fulani or Kanter who's working family only has 13,566 member in the city the same power to make a mayor as the over 3 millions voters in the democratic party.  It is already proven that the 5 GOP county leaders who give Bloomberg their endowments after he paid them 100,000 had the same power as the 3 milliion democratic primary voters. New York's election system where some party leaders voters are worth so much more than other person's votes is a denial of equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. A couple of octogenarians from the Alex Rose have agreed to give publisher Tom Allon the party nomination if he help them revive the party by helping them get on the ballot through the opportunity process

The Cult Led Independence Party Has A Shot At Electing Carrion As Mayor With New York's Growing Latino Vote
Lhota’s supporters envision a race where Council Speaker Christine Quinn or former City Comptroller Bill Thompson is the Democratic nominee, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is the choice of the Working Families Party, former Bronx Borough President Adolfo CarriĆ³n winds up the Independence Party’s pick, and Lhota, of course, gets the GOP’s nod and likely the Conservative Party’s support as well. In such a case, they argue, Lhota could defy the massive voter registration advantage of the Democratic Party and squeeze through a divided electorate to win. Though the possibility was not mentioned by Lhota’s supporters, if everything else they postulate comes to pass, the general election could actually wind up a five-way, the fifth candidate being Tom Allon, the CEO of Manhattan Media, who was selected last year by the Liberal Party as its mayoral nominee.

NYC Board of Estimate Was Dumped When It Was Proven It Violated the 14th Amendment
In 1989, the Supreme Court of the United States, in Board of Estimate of City of New York v. Morris declared the New York City Board of Estimate unconstitutional on the grounds that the city's most populous borough (Brooklyn) had no greater effective representation on the board than the city's least populous borough (Staten Island), this arrangement being a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause pursuant to the high court's 1964 "one man, one vote" decision (Reynolds v. Sims). [2]


The five NYC GOP county leaders are scheduled to meet for a “reasonably high stakes” get together to discuss their multitude of potential mayoral candidates.

Dysfunctional Political Parties Blood Feud Giuliani Vs. Cox Vs County Leader Looking for $$$ and Control
The political leaders all have an agenda and not of it includes needs of the public

Preacher A.R. Bernard weighs run for mayor(NYDN)State GOP chairman Ed Cox urges the Rev. A.R. Bernard, pastor at Christian Cultural Center, to enter into already crowded field. Cox move to Bernard after Lhota meet with Supermarket billionaire Catsamitidis yesterday.  Although
Catsamitidis said yesterday that he would spend up to $20 million to win the mayor's office there is a lot a internet buzz that he will drop out for Lhota.   Other say that since Cox and Catsamatidis are in-laws there is no way in the world he is getting out of the race.  Cox who hates Giuliani because he will push out of the 2000 U.S. Senate race by him before he got sick and drop out.  * Up Close: NYC Mayoral Campaign(WABC) (Video) Three Republican county chairs about the upcoming race for mayor in New York City and their Meeting Next Week.

Will the NY GOP Lose Power By Forcing A Primary Like the DC Lost Face and Power With the Fiscal Cliff Forced Show down?
A second major factor splitting the GOP is the political leaders search for money.  Bloomberg paid each of the 5 county parties 100,000 for getting them on the ballot. Yesterday CrainsNY reported that the Manhattan GOP party was flat broke. The Manhattan GOP is essentially bankrupt. Yes they housekeeping account is flat broke but the Townhouse they own on 81street between 1st and 2nd avenues is worth over $20 million dollars. Some say the building is owned by the met club, but others say that the Manhattant GOP controls the club.  What is clear the Manhattan GOP party leaders and the rest of county leaders are looking to sell their endorsement for money.  Catsamitidis has Bloomberg bucks, Carron campaign account in 2010 had a war chest of $2 million dollars. But very very little of that money can be use in a run for mayor. Most of the Carron money would have to be returned to the contributors and recontribute under CFB rules. 

George Mcdonald has no money listed in his CFB account. Joe Lhota is not even list on the CFB site as of yet. Vincent Trombone the VP of the Queens GOP Party works as a lawyer for Catsmitidis.  All the candidate except for Carron do not need the support from any county leader to run in the GOP primary.  Carron needs to get permission for three GOP county leaders to run.  The last time the GOP had a primary for mayor was in 1989 were Ron Lauder another Billionare lost to Giulani.  The primary hurt Giulani who lost the general to Dinkins by less then 50,000 votes. There is also the possiblility that the court with over turn the conviction of John Haggerty and order a new tria or no trial at all (do you think Bloomberg wants to get back on the witness stand).  This could make Haggerty a wild card player in the GOP mayoral primary.

Where the GOP County Leaders Stand for Mayor Today

Lhota has Staten Island wrapped up.
Queens is tight with Catsimatidis
Manhattan says it's tight with Catsimitidis
Eaton is likely to be squeezed by Golden, who will be for Lhota
Bronx is with Carrion, but if he can't get a 3rd, or if someone offers him a better deal, he'll go elsewhere

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