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Mark Levine
Advance Berlin Rosen

"The penalties levied today against the Cumbo and Levine City Council campaigns represent only the first step in this proceeding," board chair Rose Gill Hearn said in a statement. "The Board will consider violations and penalties for the other parties to these transactions."

With new evidence pointing to alleged illegal coordination, Advance Group’s President Scott Levenson campaign practices are damaging his brand; will it extend to his clients as well?

The CFB has failed to offer one iota of evidence that coordination took place in this case,” said attorney Larry Mandelker.  It is interesting that Mandelker the attorney in 2009 for Data and Field, a different CFB campaign funding scandal that the WFP is trying to stop in the Staten Island courts, would comment on the recent CFB fines involving Advance Group PAC NYCLASS. Both the candidates fined with Advance were endorsed by the WFP

Brooklyn DA Thompson Berlin Rosen
Hynes Advance Group With George Arzt

AG Schniderman Berlin Rosen

de Blasio Berlin Rosen

Stinger Berlin Rosen, Arzt, Advance
SKD Knickerbocker

Friend of Silver  Berlin Rosen

NEW YORK, NY 10038


Not Vision Zero When It Comes to Taxi Drivers

Hacking Feet
Cabby who sheared off beauty queen’s leg is back behind the wheel(NYP) Himon claimed he was cut off by cyclist Kenneth ­Olivo, 41, and lost control of his cab after he tried to zip ahead of the pedal pusher. After the accident, the TLC suspended Himon’s license for 30 days, and he was slapped with a summons for operating a cab he was not authorized to be driving. But since neither the Manhattan district attorney nor the NYPD filed criminal charges against Himon, the agency reinstated his license, which he claimed last Sept. 26. The TLC — which has vowed to take new steps to keep dangerous drivers off the road — did ask Himon to voluntarily surrender his license, but he refused, an agency spokesman said. The Bangladesh native, who has been in the United States about five years, later admitted to The Post that he was a lousy driver, and records show he racked up three moving violations for nine points on his license in 2011, including citations for running a red light and driving 65 mph in a 45-mph zone. Himon briefly worked for Arthur Cab in Queens after the accident — but was quickly fired after the company discovered he had lied during a job interview. “I asked if he had any accidents. He said no. He drove here two days,” a manager said. “The TLC called and asked if he was working for us, and then they told me.”

Mayor: Public Schools Open for Worship new

The New Journalism Supported by Lobbyists
From Capital NY Morning Email Today Sponsored by 21st Century Consumers A Lobby Group Pushing Online Wine Shoping in NY
**A message from 21st Century Consumers: 70% of consumers prefer to shop online. Wine shouldn’t be an exception. That’s why 21st Century Consumers, urges the State Liquor Authority to approve pending applications for online wine sales. Visit and tell the state that you support online wine sales. **

>Media Ignores U.S. Attorney Plea to Investigate Corruption
Bharara: No Investigative Reporting Equals More Corruption

Bharara to Journalist
Investigate Stop Copying My Press Releases
"Rather than just covering the cases that my office and other offices are already bringing, figure out ways to break new ground and to cover new stories," Bharara said. "Groundbreaking corruption coverage is not just good copy, it's a path to good government." Bharara
The press has a role to play, Mr. Bharara said, noting that he is saddened by recent reports of newspaper closings and staff downsizing. "Rather than just covering the cases that my office and other offices are already bringing, figure out ways to break new ground and to cover new stories," he said. "Groundbreaking corruption coverage is not just good copy, it's a path to good government."

Maimonides Opens Sheepshead Bay Rehab Center

May 7, 2010

Mr. Stanley Brezenoff has been Chief Executive Officer and President of Continuum Health Partners, Inc., since July 7, 2003. Mr. Brezenoff served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Maimonides Medical Center since February 1995. He served as Deputy Mayor for Operations of the City of New York since 1984. He served as First Deputy Mayor of the City of New York from 1985 to 1990. Mr. Brezenoff's career in New York City public service began in 1978 when he was appointed ...

Jon Kest scott levinson

Chelsea Connor

Director of Communications at MirRam Group
New York, New York (Greater New York City Area)
Public Relations and Communications 
It is interesting to note that the Black Institute shares office space with the prominent consulting firm the Advance Group, which has deep ties to Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and WFP candidates generally. Until her recent departure from the Advance Group, both the firm and the Black Institute had the same spokeswoman, Chelsea Connor, who handled press inquiries for both organizations. The Advance Group, run by Scott Levenson, made headlines recently for its campaign work in the 2013 elections, during which the firm apparently took campaign dollars from individual campaigns as well as from outside groups supporting the same candidates through independent expenditures. Assurances that there was no improper coordination of resources have been met with skepticism by some observers (and possibly regulators).

No special prosecutor was selected until January 2012, when Brooklyn attorney Roger Adler, a Democrat, was appointed to head up the investigation.

In 2009 in addition to Mark-Viverito, who's running for re-election, the seven Council candidates with DFS contracts include: Danny Dromm, SJ Jung, Brad Lander, Jimmy Van Bramer, Debi Rose, Lynn Schulman, and Jumaane Williams. 
Four WFP candidates including de Blasio have sent a total of $42,467.30 to New York Citizens Services, Inc., a company that shares its Brooklyn address with ACORN, the WFP, and DFS. The ACORN-WFP canvas must be somewhat like "Springtime for Hitler," the play produced on Broadway by Max Bialystock; over subscribed. Funded with a mix of public funds, party funds, union funds and candidate payments, the Working Families Party is free to charged favored candidates ridiculously discounted rates for campaign services through their for-profit arm DFS. Not only are the two entities of WFP and DFS intertwined in this scheme, but at least six New York City council campaigns as well. It’s possible over $1 million is involved in this elaborate plan with at least $1.7 million in matching taxpayer dollars. And as stated in my previous post, even though the NY Secretary of State has WFP’s address listed on Third St. in Brooklyn, their website has it listed at 2 Nevins St. in Brooklyn.

Oh angels, protect us! Whether you’re a good spirit or a cursed demon, whether you bring heavenly breezes or blasts of hell fire, whether your intentions are good or evil, you look so strange I want to talk to you. I’ll call you “Hamlet Senior,” “King,” “Father,” “royal Dane.” Answer me! Don’t drive me crazy with curiosity, but tell me why your church-buried bones have burst out of their coffin, and why your tomb

Jay Golub who is a consultant to Jeff Gottlieb congressional run to split the Jewish vote in the 6th, congressional race 2012  is president of GSP consultants. Candidate’s Late NY-6 Bid Brings Talk Of A Queens Democratic “Plant” [UPDATED] Attempting to siphon away Jewish votes from a rival candidate, Assemblyman Rory Lancman. Jeffrey Gottlieb, 70, a veteran figure in northeast Queens civic and political circles, began petitioning to get on the ballot six days ago, according to political consultant Jay Golub, who was hired to lead Gottlieb’s signature gathering efforts.GSP's Jay Golub ran the petition drive to get Jeff Gottlieb to get on the ballot to split the Jewish vote to help Meng.  Gottlieb dropped out after a NYP story came out that he set his apartment on fire.Cowering inferno. Gottlieb still works at the Board of Election. Newspaper gives vote of approval to paying politicalcandidates (New York World)

Golub A GOP Operative
 Golub GSP Consulting was $4,500 by the Ragusa' faction of the Queens GOP against the Haggerty faction. Steven Graves was running in the 25AD for State Committee as part of the Ragusa faction in 2009.  Steve Graves who was just caught shaking down City Council candidate Sonny Hahn to hire him in exchange for GOP Queens Boss Phil Ragusa endorsement, also worked as a consultant for GSP. He was also removed in handcuffs from the BOE after the FBI raided his office and computer for attempted bid rigging of the voting machine contract. Graves worked for the BOE as the Help America to Vote Act Representative.Because of his criminal record of sexual harassment which lost him his council seat, his name does not appear on candidate finance forms.  But everyone in Queens politics knows that Gallagher has a close working relationship with Nussbaum, GSP's Jay Gottleib and Vicky Schnepps the owners of the Queens Courier.  Some think the unnamed political consultant who Graves was trying to get $1.25 million for in his kickback BOE deal to deliver the voting machine contract was Gallagher. Robert  Hornak is Executive director of Queens County GOP also works for Galub's GSP.  His former boss and pal in the Queens GOP party was Vincent Tabone until he  arrested for trying to sell the GOP ballot line to Malcom Smith. Hornak also worked worked with Jay Golub and with accused BOE briber Steven Graves on the Victor Babb City Council Campaign.

A Convicted Sexual Abuser on  Golub Payroll
 Former Councilmember Gallagher, who stepped down in 2008 after pleading guilty to sexual-abuse charges stemming from accusations that he raped a woman in his Middle Village office, is listed on a city government database as an “additional lobbyist” with GSP Consulting. Republican Gallagher, a Republican, confirmed that he does consulting work with Golub and that he’s done consulting for Councilman Peter Koo (R-Queens) Also working for GSP is Dennis Gallager who the NYP calls the Perv pol lands Qns. lobbyist gig a Sunnyside-based firm run by Jay Golub, a dentist. Republican Gallagher, a Republican, confirmed that he does consulting work with Golub and that he’s done consulting for Councilman Peter Koo (R-Queens) but said he hasn’t done any work for Republicans in Queens “on a paid basis.” Judge Throws Out Rape Indictment of New York City Councilman(NYT) From NYP: Gallagher, a Republican, confirmed that he does consulting work with Golub and that he’s done consulting for Councilman Peter Koo (R-Queens) but said he hasn’t done any work for Republicans in Queens “on a paid basis.” 

Golub Dirty Tricks Operation For Queens Organization
Michael Nussbaum Meng' campaign consultants also worked in the 2009 Peter Koo campaign with his company Multi Media.  Jay Golub ran the political operation.* A Close Tie Between the Gottlieb and Meng Campaigns | City & State

Milling A Lotto Winning Candidate
The main consultant on Sasson’s  campaign for State Senate turns out to have been Multi-Media owned by publisher Mike Nussbaum, which is now the main consultant on Meng’s campaign. During Sasson’s 2010 campaign for State Senate, Multi-Media was paid $143,877, according to campaign finance records, while Golub’s firm, GSP Consulting, was paid $57,500. True News has found out through auditor close to the Sasson campaign operation that Sasson hired Golub GSP the recommendation of Peter Koo. The problem with the Koo recommendation was that there is no record of payment by the Koo campaign of Golub or his lobbyist partner Dennis Gallagher.  There is a report that Gallagher and Golub GPS did lobbying work for Koo.

All of which is good reason to take a moment to give thanks to those in the city's trenches who have quietly gone about the tough, everyday work of remedying inequality, as well as those who have stood tall against abuses of power. Their deeds ennoble this city more than a trainload of the fatuous celebrities who soak up so much of the media's attentions. Late Voice writer Jack Newfield began this Thanksgiving tradition in 1976, in the depths of the city's last fiscal crisis, a time when the powerbrokers were again working overtime to remake New York in their own image. Newfield called his honor roll an ode to "heroes and heroines, the sung, and the unsung.

The idea comes from Jack Newfield, the late Voice writer who was beloved of lists: "Worst Judges" and "Worst Landlords" were two of his creations. He even offered an end-of-year rundown dubbed "Remember the Greediest." But he started publishing what he called his "Honor Roll" on Thanksgiving week back in 1976. He said it was his favorite task and it's not hard to see why. As much as our chief duty may be to smoke out wrongdoing, the bigger reward is always found in hailing those who do right. Here are just a few of those who richly deserve a Thanksgiving toast:

The UPKNYC event was hosted by the lobbying firm of Davidoff Hutcher & Citron. Sid Davidoff, one of the firm’s partners — who was married at City Hall earlier this year in a ceremony officiated by the mayor
De Blasio Performs First Marriage at City Hall(NYO) between lobbyists Sid Davidoff. and Linda Stasi, a columnist for the Daily News.Sid Davidoff, an early de Blasio backer and longtime friend whom insiders view as one of the big winners of the 2013 elections. Has gotten the following contracts in 2014 to lobby the
mayor: Telebeam Telecommunications Corporation,   New York Cosmos LLC,  Association of Water and Sewer Excavators Inc.,  Madelaine Chocolate Novelties, Inc.,   AMERICAN RECYCLING TECHNOLOGIES INC.,  Election Systems & Software, Inc.,  Touro College,  Abbott Laboratories,  Times Square District Management Association, Inc.,  Oxford Nursing Home, Inc.,  New York Community Bancorp, Inc.,   Marshall E Bloomfield ESQ,Palladia, Inc.,   RCN Telecom Services, LLC,  AbbVie, Inc,  2030 Astoria Developers, LLC.,   HUNTS POINT TERMINAL PRODUCE COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION INC,  Taxicab Service Association Inc.,  Master Plumbers Council of the City of New York, Inc,  American Recycling LLC,  FIGLI DI SAN GENNARO, INC. ***Here is City Hall lobbyist Davidoff telling Earl Lewis on NY1 that the mayor will be OK

 Davidoff Cashing in Again  5-building complex OK'd for Queens waterfront (CrainsNY) The City Planning Department has given a preliminary thumbs-up to a proposed residential project set to include three towers, each with as many as 32 stories, plus a pair of six-floor buildings farther inland, with a total of 1,698 apartments. "This project will take what is presently an isolated and desolate, underutilized area and transform it into a vibrant mixed-use community," said Howard Weiss, chair of Davidoff Hutcher & Citron's land-use group, who is representing the developer. Astoria Cove, south of Astoria Park on a gritty waterfront peninsula, is being developed by 2030 Astoria Developers Group, which includes Queens-based Alma Realty. The property will include 295 units of affordable housing, a public school and a supermarket, plus a waterfront park that will be open to the public.
Lobbyists the New Permanent Government

How Come Berlin Rosen Answered A NYT Reporter Question For City Hall?

Berlin Rosen Operates In the Dark Pools of Power and NYC Lobbyist
NYT Michael Powell - A couple of weeks back, I called the mayor’s press office and asked about Mr. de Blasio’s perhaps too-optimistic cost projections for prekindergarten.  Twenty minutes later, I heard from Dan Levitan of Berlin Rosen, which is the “it” P.R. firm of the city’s left and a close adviser to the mayor. He advised that I should study the mayor’s proposals carefully if I presumed to take “a skeptical look” at prekindergarten. I asked if Berlin Rosen had a contract to handle queries placed with the mayor’s office. He replied that he handled the “campaign” for pre-K. Lobbyists Search for Berlin Rosen * When Campaign Aides Are Lobbyists, Questions Mount - City Limits(City Limits) * 8 Lobbyists Consultants and Citizen United  True News (The Bund): Dark Pools * City Hall's new 'in' crowd of lobbyists (CrainsNY) Lobbyists behind the campaigns of ascendant power brokers are now poised to cash in.*  The Perma-Campaign: For Bill de Blasio, the Race Never Ends(NYO)

More $$$ for Berlin Rosen?

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