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Political Corruption

 Carrión's Illegal Cash Money
While serving as Bronx borough president, New York City mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrión created a political fund that regularly made large cash disbursements without specifying what the money was for, a violation of state election law
Adolfo Carrion's mayoral campaign hits new snag as improprieties with borough president war chest discovered(NYDN) Money from Carrion's campaign fund during his days as Bronx borough president have expenditures that are unaccounted for, the News has learned.
City Board of Elections spokesman says BXNY PAC may have violated laws that forbid political committees from distributing more than $100 in cash and for not detailing the purpose of spending over $50. Records show there were $15,800 in unspecificed cash payments.  The existence of the political committee, BXNY PAC, was not widely known until now. It received $172,000 in contributions, mostly from developers and other business interests with dealings in the Bronx, records show. Carrion’s committee made cash payments of $500 — $15,800 in all — but didn’t specify what the money was for, records obtained by The News show.

Asked Adolfo Carrion if I could ask him about Daily News article. Reply:" "You cannot."


Political Corruption

When he was Bronx BP, NYC mayoral hopeful Adolfo Carrion went to bat for a major developer who had arranged to provide an architect for renovations to Carrion’s home.
Pay to Play Carrion
New York City mayoral hopeful Adolfo Carrión helped a major developer win approval for an apartment and retail space project while serving as Bronx Borough President in exchange for providing an architect to make renovations to Carrión’s home, the News reports. (NYDN)  Unsealed Department of Investigations report says Carrion helped to get a $300 million residential and retail project moving by arranging an "urgent" meeting with two city agencies after the developer had complained to him.

What Happen to Carrion Pal Peter Fine 2009 FBI Investigation?
Common Cause/NY Responds to Daily News Exclusive about Adolfo Carrion & Peter Fine In response to today's Daily News report about Adolfo Carrion's relationship with developer Peter Fine, Common Cause/NY Executive Director, Susan Lerner, released the following statement:The public should be deeply concerned about revelations in today's Daily News that Adolfo Carrion intervened with city agencies on behalf of a developer, Peter Fine of Atlantic Development Group, who provided him with an architect. Although Carrion has paid a fine for his inappropriate relationship with the architect, the incident highlights the persistent problem of pay to play in our political culture.City raids office of builder who donated campaign money to Obama (2009) * Meet State Dems' Developer Donor, Peter Fine | Observer * Atlantic Development Criminal Investigation Probe(2009) * Carrión Is Fined $10,000 for Conflict Over Architect -

The Latino Vote
Carrion, Thompson, and the Democratic loyalty of Latino voters(Capital)
Last week, independent mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion told reporters he had warned Latino elected officials about being "taken for granted" by the Democratic Party



Carrión Will Be A Play in November . . .  The Latino Split
Carrión, Sole Latino Candidate, Announces Third-Party Bid for Mayor(NYT)
Adolfo Carrión Jr., a former Democrat and former Bronx borough president, won the support of the Independence Party last week. "Let's bring an end to the politics of paralysis and division, and lsquo;Make It Your City.'He also talked about jobs, repeating several times that "the best social program is a job," and, doing his best imitation of Mr. Bloomberg, perhaps, voiced support for tourism and a national infrastructure bank. he also appealed to the 71 percent of the electorate who did not vote in 2009."Bad officials are elected by the good voters who stay home," he said.Carrion could be the spoiler in the general election pulling many of the 20% latino voting base away from the democratic party line giving the GOP candidates a better shot to win.* Campaigns Woo Latinos(WSJ) * Adolfo Carrion Announces He'll Run For Mayor(WSJ) * Adolfo Carrion Jr. to run for mayor of NYC(Fox 5) * Adolfo Carrion Kicks Off His Very Unconventional Mayoral Campaign(NYO)


For Bring Up the Corrupt Independence Party To Carrion
Laurel to Errol Lewis for Asking Errol Louis asked former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion if he thinks that anyone running on the Independence Party line is a party to a fraud.  Louis cited a recent Daily News investigation which showed that 169 of the 200 voters contracted though they were unaffiliated and not part of a political party.

Carrion did not answer the question at all.  First he cited that even Rupert Murdoch was fool by the true nature of the independence party.  Then the mayoral candidate then when into how the party has grown and made a difference in three elections (Bloomberg who paid for his Independence Party Line). Carrion continued that almost 40% of the voters in the nation are now independence because they are tired of old labels.

Lewis then asked Carrion if he thinks voters who though they were unaffiliated are now part of a political party that might anointed you as their candidate, which chiefly has bypassing democracy in all kinds of ways
Carrion answered that the same party has also help Schumer, Gillibrand, Pataki and Marty Connors. He said candidates seek that party line because there is a growing share of voters that say yes I feel contable for voting as and Independent for the candidate and the ideas. That is encouraging the candidate said given the cynicism that exists in our city politics


NY1 Online: Carrion Discusses Possible Run For Mayor(NY1)



Carrion Plays Latino Card
Carrion: New York Ready for Latino Mayor(WSJ) Adolfo Carrion, who aspires to be New York City's first Latino mayor, said he believes he's the best person to succeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but he also maintains it's high time a Latino is the chief executive at City Hall.* TWC Reception Honors Record Number Of Hispanic Lawmakers(NY!)


The Carrion Unanswered Question: What When Wrong in Washington?
Tricky Tenure for Carrión(WSJ) As he prepares to run for New York City mayor, Adolfo Carrión Jr.'s short tenure in the White House represents both a key element of his résumé and a potential political liability.Former Bronx Borough President and potential 2013 New York City mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrión, Jr. is facing questions about why he left his post as director of the White House Office of Urban Affairs in 2010 after only 14 months He reportedly clashed with the president’s senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Plus What About the Fine Carrión Is Fined $10,000 for Conflict Over Architect - Adolfo Carrión, Jr. is a leading contender for the Independence Party nomination for New York City mayor, but party officials caution that a formal vote hasn’t been taken by the party’s executive committee and he is still meeting with officials, the Journal reports: * Carrión hires daughter, Schoen for mayoral bid (CrainsNY) * NYC mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion hired his daughter as a consultant and also paid $60,000 to Bloomberg’s pollster, Doug Schoen.

Pay to Play Mayoral Candidate Adolfo Carrion

Architect admits gift to ex-White House urban czar Carrion(NYDN)

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