Sunday, June 26, 2011


Cuomo Studies Robert Moses 

Robert Moses

A Voice From the Past Advises Cuomo on the Future

“Report of Reconstruction Commission to Gov. Alfred E. Smith on Retrenchment and Reorganization in the State Government” — the 1919 report is peppered with the caustic wit and wisdom of the commission’s chief of staff, Robert Moses.


NYP Asks Who is the Real Cuomo

NYP, former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin believes that the best explanation for Cuomo’s tack to the left during his State of the State address is his ambition to run for president in 2016

The real Cuomo?(NYP Ed) New Yorkers may be wondering just who that guy was in Albany screaming his head off on Wednesday about, supposedly, the State of the State — and where the heck was Gov. Cuomo?

 Because, let’s face it: The man at the mic sure didn’t sound like the same Andrew Cuomo who’s been serving as governor for the past two years.Indeed, Cuomo’s heavily left-leaning, kitchen-sink agenda — and the near-hysterical manner in which he pitched it — seemed to mark a sharp turn in his two-year-old term. And for average New Yorkers, the shift may mean bad news ahead. * Andrew’s new agenda(NYP) * NICOLE GELINAS: Andy’s fuzzy math * The NY Post was not impressed with the “heavily left-leaning, kitchen-sink agenda” Cuomo laid out in his SoS, or the “near-hysterical manner in which he pitched it.”* The governor insisted he has not tacked to the left, saying: “I am socially progressive and fiscally responsible. I believe that’s where most people in this state are.” * The New York Post‘s editorial board, which has often avoided taking the ax to Governor Andrew Cuomo like it does for other Democratic pols, certainly didn’t hold back in today’s paper. Using words like “near-hysterical” to describe his State of the State speech, the Post attacked Mr. Cuomo’s agenda from every angle. They even dismissed the Adirondack Challenge! * Bloomberg cuomos-school-day-expansion-great-if-state-pays-it(Capital)  "I don't think anybody disagrees with the more time in the classroom, the more you can change the child's life," he said, adding, "The problem is, who pays for it? And I think I agree with the governor, it would be great. How you'd pay for it, I don't know. Keep in mind, the state used to pay for 50 percent of our education. Today they pay for 30 or 40 percent of our education."  * Cuomo’s 11th Hour State Of The State-Related Fundraising Ask(YNN) * Cuomo’s NYS2100 commission says New York City should build a real bus rapid transit system so it can better weather the next Hurricane Sandy.

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