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Today's Great Example of A Blogger Spinning A Campaign Consultants Crap
Thrill Bill: Thompson Is Ready to Bust Out of His Boring Brand ‘Bit by Bit’(NYO) by Colin Campbell (kissing the ass of Thompson Consultant Sheinkopf) This article is about pizazz“We can get him to drop some F-bombs if you want,” he said. “If that’s going to make your story better. “It was less about a political background than it was public service. My mother was a public school teacher,” he said of a youth spent in Bedford-Stuyvesant in the 1950s and ’60s.(All that is missing from Thompson talk about his family is the de blasio type picture in front of his house with his kid with the Afro) The entire article does not mention one issues that Thompson would push for.  It is a pep talk about how he is unenthused and inactive. A lot of inside baseball horse race crap about the 2009 campaign and how he has been able to raise $1million in the last filing.  The whole article by Mr. Campbell is more an attempt by Sheinkopf to show Thompson that he was doing a good job rather than attempt to win votes to Thompson showing how he differs on the issues


Rudy Says Thompson Will Give Away the Store
Rudy $laps Dems (NYP) A “fisc” fight has erupted between Bill Thompson and Joe Lhota — and right in the middle is Rudy.The former mayor threw down the gauntlet to the Democratic field of mayoral candidates, which includes Thompson, by proclaiming on TV that they would give away the store to municipal unions if elected.


What Does “Better Bang for the Buck” in Government Mean Mr. Thompson?
Thompson Says He Wouldn’t Raise Taxes if Elected Mayor*NYT) Wants to raise the level of cops from 35,000 to 37,0000. Thompson said he he favored “redirecting dollars” and “making sure we prioritize every dollar to make surewe get the best bang for each buck.”
What the Reporter Did Not Ask Thompson in Follow Up Questions
NYT reporter David Chen should not allow a candidate to BS with Slogans.  He should have followed up with what programs would you cut Mr. Thompson to hire more cops.  He should have asked with rising pension cost budget gaps and union demands for new contracts how in the world can you find money for more cops!* Thompson Defends Calm Temperament At Question And Answer Session(NYT) * In his Association for a Better New York speech, Bill Thompson proposed increasing the number of NYPD officers on the street, an idea that caused recently-announced rival Sal Albanese to scoff over Twitter, as he had talked about a cops increase last week.

Thompson Promises More Bang for A Buck While A Councilman Tweets About Cuts to the Budget in 3 Weeks
  1. So let me get this straight: in a few weeks the Mayor will submit to council budget full of cuts & we just lost $450 million for education?

Thompson Hits Bloomberg Soda Ban As Good PR
Diabetes prevalence has more than doubled over the past ..... the highest prevalence occurring among black and Hispanic adults
Thompson Dings Bloomberg For Soda Ban, “Fiscal Gimmicks” In Budget(City and State) “I think the soda ban, and I’m trying to be diplomatic here, was good PR,” Thompson said. “If he were really serious about dealing with obesity in a number of ways, there are other things that you would have done.”


Former deputy mayor under Giuliani, Randy Mastro, is Bill Thompson's biggest fundraiser(NYP)

Thompson In the Money
Thompson Raises $1 Million in 6 Months for Mayoral Bid(NYT) New York City mayoral candidate Bill Thompson announced that his campaign has raised $1 million over the last six months, easily his strongest showing yet after lagging behind other candidates in previous fundraising cycles,* Thompson Gains in Funding(WSJ) * Bill T. flexes mu$cle(NYP)


Thompson Raises $1 Million in 6 Months for Mayoral Bid(NYT)

1/7/2013 Thompson Tries to Jump Start His Campaign Again
In an attempt to dispel the notion that he does not have the “fire in the belly” to be mayor, New York City mayoral candidate Bill Thompson has begun working part-time at his job on Wall Street and will hold 10 fundraisers this week, The Wall Street Journal reports: * . emails story & tells supporters "we know we cant communicate our campaign’s message to NYers w/o adequate resources"

Thompson Attacks Quinn For Wanting Kelly 
While on Road to City Hall last night, mayoral contender Bill Thompson attacked likely rival Council Speaker Christine Quinn over her reported decision to keep Police Commissioner Ray Kelly should she win the mayor’s office this year, connecting the move to the 2009 term limits brouhaha. “I believe that as mayor you bring your own team to the table, and it’s not just when it comes to police commissioner, it’s across the board,” Mr. Thompson charged. “Speaker Quinn, it appears, has decided to keep Commissioner Kelly. I guess it’s first helping enable the mayor to have a third term and helping move that legislation through the City Council. I guess she wants to continue his commissioners and policies in a fourth Bloomberg term. I want a first Thompson term and really move this city forward.”

Sources: Sheinkopf Joining Thompson’s Campaign(CriansNY)

Sheinkropf Who Dumped His Long Time Client Thompson in 20090 for Bloomberg $$$ is Back With Thompson

But the Real Story with Sheinkropf is in How the Clueless Lacking Any Morals, Even Less Than a Hollywood Film Producer Who Peddles Violence to Our Children Protect This Guys Background.


What Sheinkropf does is help elected people to office and then Use those same people to make money for Himself

How in the world can Thompson hire a consultant who took the 5th 56 times when the NYS questioned him about the AEG bidding process.  The press in a group has drop their prime mission of protecting the public by informing them of what is going on in their city, in exchange for the one lines and sound bites the consultant gives them.    Sheinkopf took the 5th when asked questions by the NY former state Inspector General Joseph Fisch about the AEG scandal which is still being investigated by the feds as part of the AEG investigation.  The Feds are also investigating a Board Of Election (the cesspool of political corruption) contract for new machines that Sheinkopf was a lobbyist for. Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections ... - New York Post  


Instead of the Press Serving  As the People Watch Dog They Feed the Beast By Reporting Fiction

This is How Politcker Reported on Sheinkropf
Former Comptroller Bill Thompson will bring Hank Sheinkopf, “a well known and rather salty Democratic strategist,” onto his mayoralcampaign.
This is how the Capital Reported on Sheinkopf
Consultant Hank Sheinkopf may reunite with Bill Thompson for the mayor's race. [Chris Bragg]
This is how Capital Tonight Reponted on Sheinkopf 
Veteran political consultant Hank Sheinkopf has signed on as a consultant to former NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson’s 2013 mayoral campaign.

Only Barrett Understands the How Sheinkropf Controls Government and the Press by Deceit
"Sheinkopf copped a memo, (Barrett, Village Voice, 2010) too, obtaining it from an aide to the top Senate staffer, Angelo Aponte, who Sheinkopf personally installed in the key spot. He had the power to do that because the skillful Sheinkopf doubles as a lobbyist and as a political consultant, and had advised Senate Democrats in the elections that led to the 2008 majority, helping to make Malcolm Smith majority leader. Sheinkopf collected $356,741 in consulting fees from the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee at the same time that he was representing AEG and its precursor with Senate Democrats. Having worked for Bill Thompson and Mike Bloomberg most recently, Sheinkopf makes kings so he can then make deals with the kings he’s made." 

Thompson's Pension Deal For Sheinkopf Partner
While Sheinkopf Worked for Thompson His Partner Norman Levy Did Well With the Pension Funds
"Norman Levy “received a half-million dollars” in 2006 payments from Bill Howell, a major pension fund placement agent, and “appeared sometimes to be Howell’s partner” in controversial deals with the fund, according to a source familiar with the transactions. Investigators concluded that they were splitting fees, and not disclosing it. The payments to Levy - whose conviction for running a parking-ticket-fixing-scam decades ago was also overturned on appeal - were allegedly tied to his introduction of Howell to a principal of Global Strategies, a consulting firm whose client, Intermedia, was seeking millions in city and state pension fund investments. Howell made the placements and shared the fees with Levy, who appeared to be listed as an employee of one Howell entity. Sheinkopf received payments from Levy shortly after Levy was paid by Howell." (Voice)

NYP Demands That Thompson Pay the Poster Fines

The Post determines former City Comptroller and mayoral candidate Bill Thompson should pay the city $600,000 in poster fines he accrued in 2006

Eddie Castell Maybe You Can Get Bronx Council for Economic Development to Pay the Poster Fine?

Thompson poster fines stick(NYP)  A city appeals panel has refused to overturn a $594,375 fine slapped on former Comptroller Bill Thompson for illegally putting up 7,925 campaign posters on public property when he ran for mayor in 2009, it was disclosed yesterday. * Thompson Campaign Loses Appeal on Fines(WSJ) * NYC comptroller ordered to pay $590,000 in fines(Fox 5) Bill Thompson has 120 days to appeal his $594,375 fine for illegal postering stemming from his 2009 mayoral race.

State board upholds Bill Thompson's $600K poster fines: sources (NYP) Former Comptroller Bill Thompson -- one of the top contenders in the 2013 race for mayor -- has lost another attempt to quash nearly $600,000 in fines for plastering public property with illegal posters in his 2009 campaign for City Hall. Sources.

Daily News Says Thompson Pay the Fine

Thompson’s cam-pain po$ters(NYP) Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson owes over half-a-million dollars in fines for campaign poster violations, the New York Post says. After a judge rejected every defense, his lawyers are weighing another appeal* Bill Thompson must stop trying to weasel out of paying fines (NYDN Ed)  Owes a half-million dollars for littering city with mayoral campaign posters. Now that a judge has rejected his defense arguments, ex-comptroller Bill Thompson should cough up the money he owes in poster violations, the News demands * Former NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson owes the city $594,375 in fines for putting up 7,925 illegal posters in the 2009 mayoral race – a sum nearly equal to all the campaign cash he has on hand for his next campaign in 2013. His attorney, Jerry Goldfeder, is weighing another appeal. 

Ex-Bloomberg Opponent Thompson to Enter 2013 Mayoral Race

Bill Thompson To Lead Judicial Compensation Panel(YNN)


From the Sidelines, Supporting Her Husband’s Quest to Be Mayor(NYT)



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