Saturday, February 25, 2012


Almost Kingsbridge Armory Last Mall in New York? With the coming commercial crash it could be a very long time before the new mall can be financed and built in New York. Commercial Real Estate Industry Poised For Collapse Due To Lack Of Liquidity * Welcome To The Most Depressing Commercial Real Estate Disaster In America *'No jobs': A promise he'll keep Kingsbridge Armory (NYP) *** Protestors storm Queens Center Mall over living wage *** Julissa Ferreras and Danny Dromm extend the Kingsbridge Armory fight to Queens Center Mall *** The Bronx May be Up But Its Wages Are the Lowest * On the Jobless Front in NYC: Now You Can See How Poorly Your Own Neighborhood is Doing

State of the Bronx

Borough President Diaz Focuses Annual Address On Bronx Accomplishments(NY1) * NY1 Online: Bronx Borough President Discusses Plans For The Borough(NY1)


Bronx Blog Says Bronx Newspaper Kisses Diaz's Ring

Here is a campaign newsletter for Ruben Diaz, Jr. disguised as a legitimate article in the online NY Sun written by Andy Wolf -- the editor of the Riverdale Review. Wolf writes glowingly about Diaz and credits him for victories regarding jobs in the Bronx, the Kingsbridge Armory and the living wage. So while the Bronx remains the Borough with the highest unemployment rate in the City, somehow Wolf thinks Diaz has hit all home runs.(Bronx Political Chatter) More Bronx Could the Bronx get chopped up even more? (Bronx Press Politics) * After consideration, Diaz Jr. jumps on board with Ferry Point Park golf course (Bronx Press Politics)


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