Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ray Kelly

Has NYPD Chief Ray Kelly having a change of heart about running for NYC mayor?

GOP hopeful that Police Commissioner Kelly will run for mayor(Dicker, NYP) * Former state GOP Chairman Bill Powers plans to talk to party leaders about getting behind NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to run for NYC mayor in 2013. * Kelly On 2013: ‘Fully Engaged’ In Current Job(YNN)  …which, for the record, isn’t “no, I’m not interested.”* Political Analysts: Ray Kelly Unlikely To Run For Mayor (WCBS) * Add Ed Koch to the list of people who want Ray Kelly to run for mayor. 

NYP Is Pushing Kelly for Mayor 2 Days in A Row
Hip, hip, hoo-Ray! GOP going all out to have Kelly run(NYP) * Ray Kelly for mayor?(NYP Ed) Following a report that NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly is open to running for New York City mayor, Republican leaders will make a full-court press to convince Kelly to do so at a meeting on Staten Island early next month. The Post cheers the idea that NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly may run for mayor, and lists the city’s impressive crime stats under his watch. * Union, pol: Put cops on the street, not behind desks(NYDN) * Sources: NYPD Commissioner Kelly Open To Idea Of Running(WCBS) * Mike Bloomberg dodged questions about Ray Kelly running for mayor. 

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