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Independence Party

The Cult Led Independence Party and It Front Runner Chooice ex-Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion is upset he Was Not Invicted to Participate in the Daily News Debate

Mayoral Candidates Attend New York City Independence Party’s  “13th Annual Anti-Corruption Awards” 

Quinn, Smith and Carrion Anti-Corruption?

Will the Cult Party Continue to on to the Next Mayor?

Three mayoral hopefuls—Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Queens state Sen. Malcolm Smith and former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión—are expected to attend the New York City Independence Party’s “13th Annual Anti-Corruption Awards” ceremony this Sunday. This party is being run by the late Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani wing of the Independence Party. Mayoral hopefuls court city Independence Party (CrainsNY). 

For those unfamiliar with Newman and his many groups, there are ample sources to consult. There is his own basic text, Let's Develop!: A Guide to Continuous Personal Growth, which includes his prescription for what he calls "friendosexuality." Roughly translated, this means that mental health can be reached by sleeping with your friends.  There is also a tape of a marvelous interview conducted by NY1's Rita Nissan in 2005 in the midst of the controversy over the party's support of Bloomberg in the last re-election drive. Nissan spoke to Newman in the Bank Street townhouse that he shares with Salit and several other men and women. Newman collected some of these housemates, he acknowledged, after they sought him out as a therapist. Many who joined Newman's program after seeking therapy later fled, insisting that his operation is little more than a cult. Bloomberg's Loyal Cult: The Independence Party (Tom Robbins, Village Voice 2009)
Thanks to A 2006 Court Decision A Cult that Masquerades As A Political Party May Pick the Next Mayor

Must has been written over the last 25 years how the Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani wing of the Independence Party. Little has changed over the years.  Newman has died but his cult groups and party continue in his foot steps. The Fulani faction is a major player in NYC because of a court decision that gave them the sole power to grant Wilson Pakula's to NYC citywide candidates.  In 2009 Bloomberg already had a non profit they created to provide jobs to their members on both the city and private payrolls .Mr. Bloomberg supported the Independence Party’s goal of nonpartisan municipal elections and gave the party more than $650,000 of his own money. His administration arranged millions of dollars in bond financing in 2002 and 2006 for a building for Mr. Newman’s nonprofit All Stars Project, which uses the performing arts to help low-income children. The nonprofit group that received $9.5 million in tax-free bonds from the city with Bloomberg's support after his 2001 election.  Bloomberg also payed off Fulani's opponents in the party led by Frank Mackey.  Mackey party pocketed 100,000 from the same deal that sent Haggerty to jail.*Kelly, cop critic Fulani seal deal with kiss - New York Daily News

 This years mayoral candidates are caughting the party because they know that in both  2001 and 2009 the Independence Party provided this margin of victory for Bloomberg.  In 2001 Bloomberg beat Green by 35,489 votes with 59,091 coming from the Independence Party.  In 2009 Bloomberg beat Thompson by 50.597 votes with 150,073 coming from the Independence Party and Jobs and Education Party. Most voters vote for the name of the party independence, having no idea who runs the party and what they are doing with it.  So attending this years Independence Party “13th Annual Anti-Corruption Awards” is Slush Fund Quinn and  Senator Smith who is part of a large federal investigation involving several Queens pols and  AEG and New Directions probes, and former Bronx Borough President Carrión who received a $10,000 fine for violating city conflict-f-interest rules.). This year the Independence Party leaders are not expecting the big check unless bloomberg pays for Quinn.  What the party wants to do is keep their All Star jobs programs going. Their is no hope for cleaning up the Independence Party. Their opponents led by Frank Mackay are just as corrupt. Indy Party chief in jam over wife loan - NY POST.comThe wife of the chairman of the state Independence Party solicited and received a $10,000 business loan from a candidate who got the party's coveted endorsement days laterBloomberg appears by video at Independence Party event, congratulating Jackie Salit. #2013 Marty Golden ran an advertisement in Indpendence Party Dinner Journal

Malcolm Smith Gets the Independence Party Dinner's Community Service Award - He Edged Out Huntley

Smith's Pro  History of Investigations Against Him

Links Between Charity and State Senator's Staff - The New York Times * Federal grand jury probes real estate and nonprofit deals for Malcolm Smith, other Queens pols (NYDN) * Local pols under fire - Crain's New York Business(Crains NY) * When pols profit from charities | Crain's New York Business (CrainsNY) * Malcolm on the Muddle | City & State(City and State) * FEDS PROBE NEW YORKERS ORGANIZED TO ASSIST HURRICANE ...(NYP) * MALCOLM'S SECRET 500G LAND DEALS - NYPOST.COM (NYP) * FEDS PROBE SEN. SMITH GRANTS TO FIRM HE FOUNDED * SENATOR MALCOLM SMITH RECEIVED $5.7M IN GRANTS DURING 2009 ...(NYP) * SEN. SMITH SAYS HE KNOWS NOTHING ON MISSING KATRINA FUNDS ...(NYP)*  $$ LINKS OF MENTOR FLAKE & PUPIL SMITH - NYPOST.COM * WHAT NEW YORK'S POLITICAL SCANDALS HAVE IN COMMON ...(NYP)

A Mayoral Campagin About Nothing 
Not one question about those running the Independence Party
At an awards ceremony hosted by the Independence Party on Sunday afternoon, former White House Urban Affairs Director and potential mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion declared he had left the Democratic Party and is now not enrolled in any party, saying he has "declared my independence" and "it feels good."  "I've been independent for a long time, so I'm good with it," Quinn said. "I'm 46, I've been independent for a while so I don't need any declarations." I tried asking Quinn how she would rate Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the long-time Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent in bringing about a more independent climate in the city, but she cut me off, laughed out loud and said, "Are you out of your mind, Azi? We're walking out of a holiday party. I'm not going to give you some big...answer about the mayor."

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