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Lhota Demands IG for the City Council In Response for Quinn Bill for NYPD IG
Lhota: City Council Needs Its Own Inspector General (WSJ)* Plaintiffs Try To Highlight Stop-And-Frisk Bias With Expert Witness(NY1) * GOP Mayoral Candidates Say Scandal Won't Derail Their Bids(NY1)


MTA in Lhota farewell furor(NYP) The MTA’s invitation for a farewell bash celebrating former chief Joe Lhota may have violated rules forbidding state agencies from campaigning, good-government advocates warned yesterday. The e-mail invite sent to MTA staffers reads, “Come November, he could be elected New York City’s next mayor. But we remember him best as the Chairman who led us through Sandy.” An MTA spokesman said: “Nothing in this invitation implies any endorsement or encouragement of his campaign.”

While on Up Close With Diana Williams, another GOP’er, Joe Lhota, pushed back on the notion that his former boss, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, alienated communities. “I will go into every community and if people tell me that, I will disagree with them,” he declared. “Because people in those communities, lives were saved by the reduction in crime. More lives were saved in the City of New York during his term as mayor than in any other period in the city and it happened in every part of our inner cities. And by the way, Rudy Giuliani, every month did a town hall meeting in every communities in the city. And in tough communities in the city, a lot of whom didn’t agree with them* Joe Lhota warns of return to dark days if Democrat elected next NYC mayor(Huff Post) * Joe Lhota Warns of Return to Dark Days if Democrat Elected Next Mayor(DNAINFO)*: "I don't buy into the political punditry that believes that NYers vote based on party lines" * Lhota Joins Fellow Republicans At Bayside Meet-Up(NY1)


Garbo Speaks
The city's next chief executive "should not come from the political clubhouse."
Joe’s a go(NYP  Ed) * Outsize Personality Joins, and Jostles, Mayor’s Race(NYT)* Lhota Quick With the Jabs(WSJ) * Former MTA Head Files Papers For Mayoral Run(NY1) * NY1 Online: Lhota Lays Out His Campaign For Mayor * On the other side of the partisan aisle, mayoral candidate Joe Lhota‘s massive media roll-out included not only our own story, but a substantive New York Times profile and additional interviews with WNYC, the Wall Street Journal and Capital New York where he pushed back on the idea he’d be former mayor Rudy Giuliani‘s third term. In The Times piece, Mr. Lhota “described himself as a kind of cosmopolitan conservative, determined to hold down the city’s spending and resist giveaways to public unions, even as he embraces same-sex marriage and abortion rights.”
 Mr. Lhota also talked to the Staten Island Advance. “Staten Island is not the fifth borough,” he told the publication. “It should be the number-one borough….There will never be a time when Staten Islanders feel like they have to secede.” Oh, and he gave an interview to the local NBC station in which he commented on the school bus strike: “Those school bus drivers work for private companies and they want to be treated like civil servants. They’re not….They have this misguided notion. And they’re treating schoolchildren in a very despicable way.” To complete the Lhota-themed flavor of this round-up, on Inside City HallMr. Lhota vowed to create a third party line in his run.

Lhota and the Old Days (NY Mag) “I am not a tool of Rudy Giuliani,” says mayoral candidate Joe Lhota. But escaping the shadow of America’s mayor may be tougher than he thinks.

“Had a brief conversation with the Independence Party, would like to talk to them. [Conservative Party Chairman] Mike Long has been a friend of mine, I’m not sure where I’ll be going on the Conservative Party line,” he said on the topic. “I will tell you though, it’s my intention to create a third party, similar to the way Mike Bloomberg did when he created the Education First Party to help him get elected office. I will go through that process. State law allows it by petitions and signatures so that there’s an opportunity for my name to be on the ballot more than once.”* Upon entering the race, Lhota took a shot at the Democratic frontrunner, NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, saying: “You can’t confuse what the speaker does in controlling the legislative process as anything like what’s needed at the executive level.”* Joe Lhota 2013: Fearless? Maybe. Sure He's Not Rudy 2.0? Definitely(NYDN) * Still another GOP mayoral candidate, former MTA Chairman Joe Lhota, gave a lengthy interview to the DN, in which he discussed – among many other things – how beating cancer changed him.* GOP mayoral candidate Lhota: I'm not Rudy 2.0 (NYDN) * Pundit: If Anyone Scares The New York City Democrats, It’s Joe Lhota (WCBS)

WSJ Outs Giuliani Not So Secret Roll in Lhota Campaign, Joe I Am More Than His Guy
Giuliani Looms in a Lhota Run(WSJ)As Joseph Lhota prepares this week to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for mayor, one of his strongest assets and greatest liabilities—Ru dy Giuliani, his former boss—looms large over his expected bid for City Hall.*  Rudy aide Dem’s top money man (NYP) The top fund-raiser for Democratic mayoral candidate Bill...* Possible Dem rivals would trounce Lhota: poll(NYDN) * Joe Lhota Says He’s More Than an M.T.A. Chairman and a Giuliani Guy  

RT: : It's official. is a candidate to be the 109th Mayor of NYC following filings w BD of Elections and NYCCFB* Joseph Lhota Stands Out in New York’s Mayoral Race(NYT)Lhota officially enters race for mayor(NYP)* Lhota Brings Candid Voice to Mayor’s Race(NYY) * Joe Lhota is the only Republican candidate for NYC mayor who has been a registered Republican for more than a few years.* Without criticizing Rudy, makes it clear he has a different style. "I will talk to everybody."* . says he is socially liberal, will form 3rd party, education and jobs to be platform, talking w/ * NY1 Online: Lhota Lays Out His Campaign For Mayor


Lhota, at Business Luncheon, Talks Up ’13 Race for Mayor(NYT) * Former MTA Chairman Lhota To File Papers For A Mayoral Run(NY1) * At an annual meeting of the New York Building Congress, former MTA chairman Joe Lhota told the audience that he would be running for mayor of New York City as a Republican, the Post reports:* Joe Lhota: “I would not have left the MTA, a job and a position that I loved, if I wasn’t going to run for mayor of New York.”



Lhota makes it official: 'I'm running for mayor'.: "I would not have left the MTA, a job and position I loved, if I was not going to run for mayor of New York." * . says:"The MTA is so much better than the reputation it has." Says it's not "fat, profligate, dishonest" abt its finances * “: Welcome to the race, .” THANK YOU, JOHN* Lhota, at Business Luncheon, Talks Up ’13 Race for Mayor(NYT)


MT : NY1 Online: Rudy Giuliani Talks Up For Mayor & concerns about


Joe Lhota Had Secret Meeting With Potential Mayoral Rival John Castimatidis: At this point it seems pretty clear... * Mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota brings experience, baggage(SI Advance)

Lhota Moves the Campaign Away From the Far Left
NYP Says Quinn Announced the Kelly Stay On Deal Last Week To Bunt the Buzz of Lhota Entering the Race
Whole lhota shakin’ goin’ on(NYP) For a freshly unemployed mass-transit worker, Joe Lhota sure has a way of making politicians take note.The top Democratic candidates are truly a bland, progressive soup, so the possibility of a seasoned Republican in the mix is appetizing indeed. If Lhota enters the race, it would be far more difficult for the contenders to ignore New York’s conservative Democrats and Republican voters. Call it the Lhota effect.* Christine Quinn hits Bloomberg over remarks comparing teachers union to NRA(NYDN) Mayor Michael Bloomberg linked the unrelated groups while blasting the union for failing to reach an agreement with the city over teacher evaluations.

Will Team Rudy for Lhota Be As Open and Skillful that Carried Him to Victory in 1993? Or the Political Operatives
Who Destroyed His Presidential Campaign

After Giuliani lost to Dinkins in 1989 he built a very diverse campain team that carried him to victory in 1993. Team Rudy that carried him to victory had talented political operatives like Ed Koch, Ray Harding, David Garth and Peter Powers who made a name for themselves in politics before their joining up with Giuliani.  More importantly the team reach out to neighborhood activists like Mary Sansone all over the city.  In other words it was an open group that were self assured who reached did not closed their circle with loyalty but reach out for talented people.  Those Talented operatives drifted away during his two mayoral terms and replaced by team loyalty Giuliani.  A group made out of much less talented and open to indepenedent talented operatives.  Giuliani crash and burn presidential race was run by his loyalty team.  The big for Lhota is which Rudy Team will run his mayoral race.  One long term political consultants says that decision will determine who will be the next mayor of New York.* Mayor's Race Crowded As 2013 Begins(NY1) * NY1 Online: Koch Discusses Decisions For Next NYC Mayor * NY1 Online: Dinkins Discusses Decisions For Next NYC Mayor


Lhota is a Republican He Does Not Need the Support of the County Leaders All He Needs to Do is Win A Primary
If he runs agianst the corrupt county leaders like Mayor Robert Wagner did in 1961 he wins easy
The Republican chairman are split: Brooklyn and the Bronx favor Adolfo Carrion Jr.; Queens and Manhattan favors John Catsimatidis; and Staten Island is open to Joe Lhota. [Liz Benjamin]


Has One NYT Article Made Lhota Become Rudy's Puppet?
With All the Group Think Press the Rudy Connection is Getting Today Does Lhota Throw Giuliani and His People Out of His Campaign or At Least Builds An Independent Campaign Staff?
Giuliani Ready to Use Muscle to Put His Man in Mayor’s Seat(NYT) Rudolph W. Giuliani is determined to play an outsized role in the race to replace Michael R. Bloomberg, quietly putting his bulging Rolodex behind a former top City Hall deputy.* . isn't only one worried about legacy; Giuliani pushing to run to uphold his own. Even Fred Siegel, Giuliani's biggest defender and author of pro-Rudy book, says NYC may not want GOP mayor * Try to tell hipster Brooklyn that the city is in trouble"--Fred Siegel re: #2013

How much Giuliani can take? (Capital) *An Amsterdam News editorial this week is headlined "We don't need a Giuliani clone." Lhota in fact isn't a Giuliani clone. He holds some heterodox views and is sufficiently unformed as a candidate to present himself as his own man, in partisan and ideological terms. But that becomes harder if his former boss does the talking for him.* Why Rudy is gaga for Lhota: fear that NYC will slip backward under Dems, he tells me.* MTA Chairman's Resignation Takes Effect: Joseph Lhota is officially out as Metropolitan Transportation Authority... * Giuliani's Third Term: Rudy Plans To Stump For Mayor Lhota In 2013(Gothamist) * Rudy Giuliani & would-be NYC mayor are fond of reciting lines from “The Godfather” together. Not comforting.

13m . This is an absolutely inaccurate tweet. No one ever told me not to appear with the Mayor. No one"2 sources said a state elected [was] rebuked by an aide 2 the gov 4 [going 2 a] storm-related event w/ the mayor"

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