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Campaign Forum

Crains Mayoral Debate
: I'd hire to negotiate with the unions. Allon: Concurs with McDonald that public workers should contribute to insurance, Also mentions looking at pension contributions & attrition *Lhota: Opposed to retroactive pay in labor negotiations... But he did (because, he said, contracts required it) leave the MTA having had .... blames living wage bill for killing Kingsbridge, which he says he'd "left on a golden platter."Catsimatidis, answering a question on economic equality, trailed off mid-sentence. "Sorry, lost my train of thought."*  “: . touts the fact that he's created jobs for lower class and minority indiuduals”  

Gristedes kingpin turned mayoral candidate Catsimatidis says he would rip out bike lanes if elected. Gets big applause from the GOP audience * Someone has to say it: This Crain's debate is one big lightning round. * says ed is solution to inequality, opposes paid sick leave: it's not the role of city govt to determine HR policies * . says inequality is a problem everywhere, but role of city govt is not to mandate paid sick leave. * says he supports making sure people get a living a wage but not a clear statement that supports Council bill . asks about inequality. He stammers for a few minutes and admits he "lost his train of thought"  Tom Allon pleased to be on panel with other businessmen. 

Says listening to Dems talk about raising taxes "made my stomach turn."Catsimatidis: Reverse of standard stump line? Says he's ok with larger classes -- if the teachers are more qualified.. calls NYC teacher evaluation impasse "embarrassing" "testing has replaced learning in this city" * tours charter schools, wants more science & foreign language , reduce testing, need teacher retention. .: charter schools meant to be "laboratories for reform". Can supplement public school system * Lhota says Finance Dept is told how much in prop taxes they need to collect and then hit that #. Commissioner has denied that that happens.* 
 . says property tax system in NYC is broken. Biggest difference in last 25 yrs is lack of transparency w/ dept. of finance * The way property assessments are done is opaque and backwards, Lhota says. It shouldn't be basically the equivalent of reaching a quota. * "We're not going to get a commuters tax... Firget about it."-- cc . notes his home is famous "because it's always in the newspaper." (Taking a page from the playbook?)* supports East midtown rezoning and would continue it if Mayor * Tom Allon said it's "long overdue" for city to address unfairness in NYC real estate tax code. McDonald goes on to say he'd push for 75000 new "microunits" of housing. Also says there are older people who have more space than needed.

. says he's a union man and used to negotiate "sitting in smoke-filled rooms 2 work things out." * George McDonald, a newly minted Republican, said he has clearly separated himself from Democratic Party. He voted for Romney. RT: : Lhota -- who is a longtime Republican -- upbraids moderator for having called Rudy Giuliani, his former boss, "a jerk.". calls himself a "social progressive" & "northeast Republican." but he skipped friendly parade * Adolfo Carrion, who voted for President Obama, calls himself a "northeastern Republican. The mass incarceration of African American men may have made us safer, but it leaves...broken families": Mayoral candidate George McDonald 
 GOP mayoral forum moderator calls Rudy Giuliani a 'jerk'(NYP)
"I believe there should be competition: charter schools, close bad performing schools, evaluations, etc. * George McDonald said he opposes Bill de Blasio proposal to raise taxes to bolster pre-k."we need to have merit pay"--. cc: * . is in favor of merit pay for teachers. Says longevity should not determine when they get a raise. talks up vocational ed, . says teachers should get merit pay. * Lhota: NYC spends $19K per student now and has mayoral control. But test scores haven't improved dramatically.* Cats raises his wealth as competitive advantage. Says he has money to win Bloomberg never did that.McDonald: NYC funding 'right' to shelter: "We cannot afford to do that any longer... We have to have work" as the central focus of pol...Doe Fund founder and GOP mayoral candidate takes hard line against city's homeless shelter policy.Tom Allon, another new Republican, said he believes in nonpartisan elections. He won't disclose his choice in 2012 presidential race.* Carrion nodding as Allon talks about third-way candidacy. * Instant poll of audience by text shows Lhota won debate with Catsimatidis in 2nd. Carrion aide says candidate will talk to reporters after debate but then they tried to duck out quickly. He said he hadn't read DN story.* Bevy Of Stances In First GOP Mayoral Debate(NY1)

5 GOP Candidates?

NYGOP says of in statement: "All 5 of our candidates" addressed needs of 's people... Is that a Wilson-Pakula hint?
Tragedies Have Been Very Important in the Election of New York's Last Three Mayors
The Making of Mayors
Koch used the 1977 blackout and looting that followed. He campaigned demanding that Looters be put in jail.  In 1993 Giuliani used the Crown Heights Riots and the high crime rate to defeat Dinkins.  In 2001 New York voters elected unknown Bloomberg against very liberal Greeen after the WTC attack.

Another Mayoral Forum About Nothing
"You should only stop someone for probable cause......needs to be tweaked a little."--  *. says he was the only Candidate to back Obama in 07. The others, he said were "on the other side. * One of the biggest problems in education is poverty, says .*. says its a "scare tactic" to say will go backwards if a dem mayor is elected. Notes Rudy's 2009 comments. * . says, if he were mayor now facing schoolbus strike, he'd rebid the contract w/ the employee protection provision back in.* "Some kids dont know what its like" to have a Dem mayor, says panelist.   * what likes in past mayors: Koch: affordable housing; Dinkins: focus on kids; Rudy: fighting crime; MRB: management.* . 

says his son's hair is more famous than him. * . said he worked in Nicaragua & El Salvador in the 80s, sometimes against US policies.   * . says he's worked with & northern manhattan for 24 years. * . says of son Dante: "I did not know his hair would instantly become more famous than me. It was not part of the plan." * It’s divisive when we deny we are living a tale of 2 cities — when we do not acknowledge growing income disparity in this city.* "The mayor just wanted to say Mission Accomplished" re: , says . * . notes GOP oppose taxing the rich, as do some of his Dem rivals, angling for progressives.   * It’s divisive when we deny we are living a tale of 2 cities — when we do not acknowledge growing income disparity in this city.. says "mayoral control is a necessary model" * fire house closings and teacher layoffs: issues says separates her from . * in describing differences with MRB, talks about Giuliani era homeless policies, bill. * .: "Mayor Never divided along racial lines." * . says shes much "cuter" than Bloomberg. * When 1st question to is how she'll be different from , she pushes back, says she's proud of collaboration. * . says recovered every job that was lost in the recession. * . says concerns over bill is not about upsetting business community.   * Regret third term? says no. Says its not the same as what Giuliani wanted after 9/11. * "I hear is afraid of red hair" jokes . * Some boos when says he would continue charter schools.   * . says other Dem candidates for mayor have records that cannot compare to hers. * strong mayoral candidate = getting things done, not just saying what you dont like, says . * note about getting Queens GOP county endorsement: Queens GOP is not fully unified behind the county organization.   * It's both. Early involvement helps kids adversely affected by poverty. But an underfunded system hinders action.* 15 minutes and 2 questions in, Speaker Quinn's most used line: "Me and the Council..." * .: "We need a new commissioner."

NYC Gets Greek Love From the Mayoral Candidates

So far in this early campaign season we have mayoral candidates that will promise anything to get elected attending debates in where their comments go unchecked.  All your getting so far is a bunch of promises that even Harry Houdini would not even have the $$$ to pay for.  You also have dozens of policy and self absorbed one liners which are not only untested but were written by political consultants to gain public support, not solve serious problems.

Problems like unemployment, hospitals closing all over the city, fixing an education system that leaves most children unprepared for college and how to pay for services with increasing pension costs and shrinking tax base mostly case by the city's fleeing middle class go unanswered as candidates attend these narrow interests forums. Journalist who job is to inform the public have self limited themselves to copying one liner sound bites and presenting it as news.  Last night in front of the Council of School Supervisors and Administrations, a union group, almost all the answers by the candidates were anti-Bloomberg and tailored to the unions positions. The panel, hosted, featured very few disagreements, with many responses drawing nods of assent from the other candidates.  When the moderator of last night event were strict on time they asked no follow up questions.  So candidates just promised and promised without giving a hint what they would do to turn the schools around.NYC mayoral candidates on school issues. Are they addressing the real questions?  * NYC Mayoral Candidates’ Education Views, Simplified(Epoch Times)

PromisesPromises But What Services Will We Cut to Pay For It
de Blasio We MUST provide Pre-K for every child who needs it if we want to actually address the equity issues in this city. Tom Allon attack him on the way he wants to pay for it, taxing the rich which Allon thought would push them out of the city. Talking Education, 2013 NYC Mayoral Candidates Keep Bashing Bloomberg, Not Each Other(NYDN) * Thompson says Boys & Girls Hs used be great before Bloomberg ( don't think that was true; mickens pushed out kids) * Liu brag abt going to Stuy, Bronx Sci. Quinn: "I was not smart enough 2 go to Bronx Science or Stuyvesant, let me be clear abt that."* Have schools made progress under Bloomberg. Quinn, going first, says yes, to hisses. I and my wife Jenny are both proud products of New York City public schools. As will be our son, Joey.Liu: strongest no; Bloomberg not a success if unlook at results on national tests (NAEPs) tru!

Catering to the Union Education Audience
at education forum: "The goal of teacher evaluations is not to get rid of teachers; it's to help teachers improve & succeed." * .: "We have to start stepping away from standardized tests." Says evals should be based on portfolios, classroom observation * Quinn puts on Council speaker hat to say of Bloomberg's cost-cutting plans:"we're not going to allow excessive attrition this yr, period Prospective Candidates For Mayor Discuss Education(NY1) * City Council Speaker Christine Quinn got hissed by audience members at an education forum when she said "Yes, I think we made progress under Mayor Bloomberg." [David Seifman] * Catsimatidis was represented at last night's mayoral forum on education by an empty chair. [@AnnieKarni] * Mr. Liu was among five mayoral candidates at an education forum hosted by the principal’s union last evening where he joined former Comptroller Bill Thompson in saying the schools have not improved under Mayor Bloomberg’s administration. Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Manhattan Media CEO Tom Allon said the opposite, however, while Public Advocate Bill de Blasio said “yes” for Mr. Bloomberg’s first term but “no” since then.* RT : Carrion, former teacher and Dem, blames an 'out of touch' teachers union for impasse with City Hall

Parents Protest Thompson, de Blasio and Liu Blocking of Charter Schools From Opening
Moms and dads are planning protests today at the offices of three mayoral hopefuls — former city Comptroller Bill Thompson, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and current Comptroller John Liu. The trio vowed to block parent-driven charter schools from opening and to keep failing union schools from closing.* de Blasio hurls high hard at Eva Moskowitz ... "She cannot continue to have the run" of Tweed * Former City Councilmember Eva Moskowitz is pushing her Success Academy edu-franchise into Brooklyn1/29/2013

 In a statement on education policy, Republican New York City mayoral candidate Joe Lhota said that he supports the closure of failing schools in the city and called for an expansion of charter schools, which he “strongly supports”, the New York Post reports: * GOP mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota distanced himself from his Democratic opponents by backing the closing of failing schools and endorsing the expansion of charter schools.* . camp responds to 'maintenance' man dig.

Frankencandidates Born Without An Embarrassment Gene
What Me Worry?

Born without the “embarrassment gene.” as the debate this week proved they will say anything to get elected.  And they don't care or feel ashamed. The whole debate despite being moderated by NY1's Errol Lewis turned into 7 years old snarky put  downs not against other candidates but aimed at Bloomberg. Lewis said later in the day on his show that it is late in the game and we still do not know what these mayoral candidates stand for. "What does de Blasio believe in, what does Thompson stand for?" asked Lewis last night. It is unclear what caused the dumb down of these candidates.  Are they just part of the dumb down generation as Senator Moynihan  described 30 years ago?  Or have they just not been challenged properly?

Poor Journalism is the Reason Mayoral Candidates Get Away With Meaningless One Liners
Should we blame the city's journalist Mr. Lewis for not asking the right questions. Your a better journalist than the way you been acting.  Do you think Jack Newfield, Pete Hamill, Jimmy Breslin, Murray Kempton or Tim Russert would lets these bums get away with the Bull Shit. de Blasralio even praised another candidate early in the race over his one liner zing. All we got at the debate besides the snapes is I like housing, good education is good and we will offer new ideas.  Never telling us with the new ideas are or how they differ from the other candidates.  Even the NYT did not know what to make of the rank out fest Unexpected Focus at a Mayoral Forum(NYT) What the NTY did not talk about is the forgotten New Yorkers the long term unemployment, the city's school children and a middle class that is fleeing the city because they can not long afford to live her.  Also left out among the zings is a shrinking tax base led by a changing wall street and fFederal tax laws

Mayor Says Some '13 Candidates 'Just Sound Ridiculous'(NYT) * Bloomberg's War of Words (WSJ) Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Friday took aim at some of his would-be successors, who criticized him at a candidates forum Thursday night.* Bloom oberg Critical Of Several Potential 2013 Mayor Candidates After Forum(NY1) * Bloomy: Dems are 'ridiculous'(NYDN) * Who's running for mayor? Depends who you ask


"If we wait for Washington, we will be in a world of trouble," Thompson warns on housing. .Bill Thompson (BT; I'm going to initials at this point): "You can't just continue to build luxury housing," the city must say to real est...Former MTA Chairman Joe Lhota makes his first statement, saying 60K is a minimum for new housing. He runs through an alphabet soup of r... John Liu denounces lack of apartments as part of Barclays deal. Brooklyn has popcorn vendors and no apartments, he sai * RT “: Wow compares response to to Bush declaring "mission accomplished."

Intense opportunity to see six candidates try to jam in appeals to as many demographics as possible in 90m.

On NYCHA de Blasio the fish stinks at the head * "Robert Moses didnt like poor people & people of color"--

Liu makes the (rather politically convenient) leap between discussion and condemnation of abuse of stop and fris...

Diabetes Award
In the same sentence Tom Allon said the mayor should not be concerned about the size of the soda cup but with the city's public health crisis.  . takes another shot at . Will that help him in the GOP primary? * ANOTHER zinger from Tom Allon: "John Rhea is the Cathy Black of "

: Maybe @MikeBloombrg doesn't know what mold is.. NYC government - from day one of Sandy - has failed New Yorkers. The mold issue is now a health emergency. People are losing their homes.* Bill Thompson notably fiery about the post-Sandy mold issues, slamming city government for thinking about hosting a marathon...Also, many within NYCHA communities being stopped-and-frisked for no reason whatsoever. Must end, not mend.

 Playing to to the Crowd by Attacking the Tea Party
Bill Thompson lashes out at Republicans in the House, calling them the party of the "insane."  * ., sitting next to 2 republican mayoral candidates, taking shots at teaparty.
* Bill de Blasio: "They're having a little party in the Congress. The problem is it's a tea party."* Have to change city's relationship to washington; thsts the goal of next mayor says . attn:

There are a group of people in the House - the party of the insane - who are willing to let the country default. We can't rely on them.

Campaign 2013 Mayoral Candidates To Weigh In On Nonprofit Political Spending(City and State)Schneiderman wants to require that nonprofits, including 501(c)(4) organizations registered with the state, report how much of their expenditures go toward federal, state, and local campaigns. Groups that spend at least $10,000 to influence elections in the state must file itemized schedules of expenses and contributions, and groups that spend $25,000 or more must disclose that information for every contribution over $100.* Cuomo 2014 Raises $4M, Has $22.4M(YNN) * . repeats desire to have "an educator at the top of that system," drawing applause from deBlasio & Liu, but not Quinn* RT “: Bill de Blasio touts after-school programs, same day Quinn calls for extended school days.”* Public Advocate Bill de Blasio criticizes the blocking of sick pay bill at mayoral forum as Christine Quinn sits behind him.* Religious backlash on Quinn? (Queens Politics) * John Liu wants end to stop-and-frisk, says "it makes everybody less safe." * John Liu reconfirms his stance that he would replace Ray Kelly. "There will be a change if I have anything to do with it," he said. *Residency requirement for members? Quinn: yes, Liu: yes. De blasio: no. Thomspon & albanese hedges. ": Christine Quinn gets booed for saying she would want to keep Ray Kelly if she is mayor."* . booed after praising . "If im mayor, the police commissioner will answer to me."

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