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A Man is Running For Mayor Who is Being Sued Because He Underpaid His Workers
‘Cat’ in grocery Owe-T battle (NYP) Supermarket mogul and GOP mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis is fighting to overturn a federal court ruling that holds him responsible for a $7 million judgment to settle class-action claims that his Gristedes chain underpaid workers* Catsimatidis Wants to Hire Bloomberg to Run a 2014 World's Fair(NY Mag) John Catsimatidis, a Republican New York City mayoral candidate, is running on a platform centered around bringing the World’s Fair back to the city after more than 50 years, with the aim of relaunching the exhibition in 2014, the News reports:


  New York Magazine conducted a number of man-in-the-street interviews to test businessman John Catsimatidis‘ vow to be a mayor for all New Yorkers, “whether you are a cab driver from South Asia, a bodega owner from the Caribbean or an aspiring actor from the Midwest.” Needless to say they got the full range of reactions. “Who cares? What [billionaire] cares!” one cabbie said, getting heated. “Like Bloomberg! Sandy [comes] and he don’t give anybody pennies.”*

Mayoral Hopeful John Catsimatidis Vows to Be a Leader ‘For Harlem and for Wall Street’(NYO) * John Catsimatidis: ‘I’m Not a Mike Bloomberg Billionaire’(NYO) * Catsimatidis Says He Will Enter Race for Mayor(NYT)* Catsimatidis first of NYC GOP mayoral hopefuls to reference "La Cage Aux Folles" in announcement: (NYDN)* John Catsimatidis: "I Am What I Am," And I'm Running For Mayor (NYDN) * kicks off mayoral campaign, pledges to bring back World's Fair * Catsimatidis, Owner of Gristedes, Announces Mayoral Run(NYDN) * Seeing the NYT article on Catsimatdis, one wonders why they needed 3 reporters to cover his announcement. * NY1 Online: Catsimatidis Makes Case For Mayor * John A. Catsimatidis Runs for Mayor * Billionaire Candidate One-Ups Mayor, Says He'll Work for 99 Cents a Year - New York

Carrion’s hopes dim as GOP officials eye Catsimatidis(CrainsNY)
Catsimatidis says: "My life has far exceeded the dreams I had as a young boy growing up on 135th street" and now is the time to give back. On the eve of his mayoral campaign announcement, John Catsimatidis is moving closer to sewing up support among the NYC GOP chairs.


Dear ppl () treating John Catsimatidis/ Mitch McConnell fundraiser like it's news: I ran that 10 days ago:


 Lots of Republicans running for mayor(Queens Crap)

From the Village Voice: Day by day, the wide open upcoming race to replace Mayor Michael Bloomberg is getting more entertaining, and morphing into a new year's gift for reporters, political junkies, and maybe the public.Last week, Mayor Giuliani's former deputy mayor, Joseph Lhota, a man not known for conversational subtlety, confirmed he was running as a Republican. This week, we learned that supermarket mogul John Catsimatides, an old-fashioned boot strap guy turned billionaire, put up $1 million of his own money to start building a campaign operation. Local newspaper publisher Tom Allon has raised $234,000. Doe Fund founder George McDonald has declared, but has yet to report any fundraising numbers.

1/13/2013Catsimatidis starts mayoral campaign with $1M of own money(NYP)

John Catsimatidis Shares The (Political) Wealth; Joe Lhota Takes The Stage

  John Catsimatidis, The Philanthropist Candidate?(NYDN)

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